The information on this page is published in Romanian, as I have no time to translate for the moment. This is a place for students and flutists, where they can find useful information, which appear in the written work at the graduation of my master studies in Trossingen, Germany. There are important informations about breathing and about using the body efficiently while playing the flute; stretching exercises especially for flutists (can be used by other musicians), and personal opinions (based on my experience and work with different pedagogues, therapists and students) about playing and teaching flute today. Please do ask, if you wish a certain information or you are interested to read more about. The page is protected.

Dragi elevi, studenti si flautisti români, asa cum multi dintre voi au dorit, pe pagina Forum gasiti informatii pe care unii dintre voi le-ati auzit deja la cursuri, exercitii de gimnastica si stretching potrivite in special flautistilor si indrumari de care va puteti folosi. Va astept cu sugestii si comentarii. Pentru a evita eventuale neintelegeri, pagina este protejata. Pentru acces, aveti nevoie de password/pin. Va rog sa-mi scrieti mail daca doriti sa aveti acces la forum si nu aveti inca acest cod.

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