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Happy Glotch by Marius L. Zehnder

No idea belongs to me or to you. Ideas belong to humanity. You may be and feel lucky to be the one who brings it out. But after that it becomes a common good. We can choose to live as individuals serving the community. All your knowledge, each single information is learned from others, from people that knew more at that very time. You formed your statements, your beliefs by hearing or reading others ideas, by adimiring or disliking others behavior. So if you feel like you arrived at that point of bringing your truth into the world, because of the maturity of your knowledge, YES, feel blessed to share it. And be aware that even then it does not belong (only) to you.

I share with joy and gratitude what I have learned and deepened through my experience. Feel free to use and share with others aswell, mentionig the source. Your feedback is welcome.

Tools for a good sound quality

See the video below, or go to, it has an English translation, which you can activate from the settings.

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