I consider it a privilege to express myself through music and to share my passion in so many different ways while playing concerts, teaching, writing, accompanying young people on their way, discovering small spots of this magnificent universe, sharing ideas and creating together.


New CD recording: J.S. Bach – Triosonatas

There ar these beautiful moments when enthusiastic people come together. They love what they do, they stand for the quality of their work and feel happy to put their skills together in creating art. I am grateful to be part of this project.


Ana Oltean, Kaspar Zehnder and Vital Julian Frey

Bach Trio Sonatas 

Release December 2020 Ars Produktion/Annette Schumacher.

Thanks to:

Frederic Angleraux/ADC Sound for the recording.
Mark Baumgartner for the trailer and photography.
Graffenried family/Schloss Burgistein for the hospitality.
All our friends and family for the generous support.



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