I consider it a privilege to express myself through music and to share my passion in so many different ways while playing concerts, teaching, writing, accompanying young people on their way, discovering small spots of this magnificent universe, sharing ideas and creating together.


Challenging times

All musicians and artists face now situations that challenge us. We all miss our activities, the direct interaction with others, making music, creating, learning together and from each other. We wait and hope it will be soon possible again. Until then we respect the rules, we teach online, we find ways to express ourselves through art and to give it to the world.

I am sad to not play my concert with Simon Bucher in Murten – Centre Loewenberg – on 13th of June. It will hopefully take place on May next year.

Please visit the website www.sound-upgrade.ch/querfloete or see the video above for improving the sound quality on the flute, it has an English translation which you can activate on the settings button. On the same page you will find the Play-Along section, there is one piece featuring the flute, the direct link (music sheets and video) is here.

Sound Upgrade – Improve your sound on the flute



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