A.OlteanGiven my background, the country I live in and because of the international exchange as a musician, I decided to write my blog in three languages: Romanian, German and English.

I will present the general information in English. All about MuziCult Association will be posted in Romanian and German, and the information about the concerts will appear in the language of the country they take place in, or in English.

I started studying music at the age of 10. I wanted to play cello or percussion! I got the flute… Thanks to Vasile Gocan, the teacher that took me in his class one year after I started studying the flute, I never wanted to play any other instrument after working with him for three months . From him I learned that a teacher can change your life, and I teach today being aware of this. I was 21 when I came to Bern to study flute with Heidi Indermühle, the teacher I got to know at the masterclasses she taught in Sighisoara (Romania). The work I did with her was so intensive, an unforgettable experience.

Heidi, my teacher and friend , supported me so much, and because of that I always had the wish to help other people, if and when I could. That´s the reason for which the MuziCult Association came to life. Together with friends and other musicians we try to raise financial support for our projects, the summer masterclasses, the concerts, scholarships for students that can‘t pay the costs of the classes and so on. If you or your friends wish to sustain MuziCult, please read the information in Romanian or German. You can make donations directly, at the given account number. If you wish to have more informations about the activities of the association in English, please contact me.

As a child, I always wanted to get a warm, full flute sound. I worked many years at the sound, I searched and searched. So I developed a lot of experience that every student I work with can use. The system of blowing the sound and the articulation technique I developed were tested on over 150 students and it worked in proportion of 99%. It is so important for me to get this reassurance that the things I developed over so many years of work are useful to others.

Playing as a soloist and in chamber music groups helped more than every theory to discover how rich music is, not only classical music. The groups I work(ed) with constantly are Sinaulodia Ensemble (4 Flutes), the duo with the pianist Simon Bucher, the Trio Alternances (with viola and harp), Ensemble Paul Klee and barock+ (with violin, cello and harpsichord). I am always grateful to play with Kaspar Zehnder (as flutist and/or as conductor), my husband, one of the best musicians I had the luck to work with.

Music is one of the greatest gifts we have. It is a way to communicate in which you don’t need words. I am lucky to have this profession and I try to give this love to all the people that come to my concerts or to the lessons.

Official CV:

German: A. Oltean CV _D


6 Antworten auf “About”

  1. thanks ana for your toughts! you are a great teacher and MuziCult it’s extraordinary 🙂

  2. Excellent website! Very sincerely written and well spoken words about teaching and music. Very strong–I hope that many will read it.

  3. To everybody who leaves messages on my site: thank you for your interest! Please understand that I can not make public all the messages. If you get mail with the comments here, please try to remove yourself from the wordpress server, I can not do it myself.

  4. Dear Mrs. Oltean Zehnder
    I heard you yesterday and to night at the church of Wichtrach. Your intepretation of the music, the warm sound, the pianissimi until to the very last notes…. It was just great. I am very impressed of your and your husbands art. Thank you very much for your outstanding performance. Theo Gesisbühler, organist

  5. Lieber Herr Geissbühler
    Ihre Worte haben uns sehr gefreut, herzlichen Dank! Es ist schön, wenn wir durch die Musik berühren und begeistern können/dürfen. Falls Sie Informationen über weitere Konzerte erhalten möchten, schreiben Sie mir bitte eine e-Mail, oder lassen sie hier eine kurze Nachricht. Liebe Grüsse und alles Gute!

  6. Liebe Ana
    Auf ungewöhnlichem Wege danken wir Dir und Kaspar für das wunderschöne Konzert im Berner Münster vom 10. Juli 2018. Es waren Rosinen unter Feuer und Blitzen. Die Musik klingt nach und erfreut uns auch heute.
    Martha und Martin

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